Dependable Golf Cart Lift Kits

Raise Your Golf Cart for a Tougher Appearance

Raise your golf cart higher off the ground to be able to drive over difficult terrains such as rocks, brush, and water. Even if you aren’t planning on taking your golf cart off-road, a lift kit will certainly help your cart to have a tougher appearance.
At Golf Car Ranch Holly Lake, our professional team can help you find the right type of lift kit for your golf cart. Whether you are looking to raise your cart 3″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 7″, or 8″, we have plenty of options available.
Call us today or visit us to learn more about golf cart lift kits. We have locations in Hawkins and Longview.

Get Name-Brand Lift Kits From Top Manufacturers

  • Jake’s
  • RHOX
  • EZGO
  • Madjax

Various Lift Kit Options Available

  • Spindle lift
  • Double A-arm
  • Drop axle
  • High lift
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